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Wellness. Inspired.

Inspire health, vitality, and a sense of community that drives your company culture to a stronger bottom line with wellness programming that is designed to be as unique as your company is.  

ProMotion provides consulting to take your wellness program from surviving to thriving.  With a focus on understanding what is important to your group, and how they communicate we are able to recommend systems, program types (and styles), and staffing to help you reach your goals. 

Staffing and management of on-site fitness facilities guarantees a results focused follow through on your company fitness and wellness efforts.   


The word wellness begins with WE.  Community and accountability are vital ingredients in a successful corporate wellness effort.  

ProMotion takes the guesswork out of how to get that done by providing a solid plan, seasoned professionals, and outstanding group exercise leaders.  


Posture.  Inspired.  

Posture and back pain are quickly taking their place at the top of the list of expenses in both health care and productivity costs.  Posture clinics and individual instruction to address problems provide a unique opportunity for company's whose culture involves a lot of sitting.  

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Nutrition.  Inspired. 

There's really nothing like the three-dimensional, hands-on effect of bringing the buzz of nutrition to the workplace.  These workshops and demonstrations get even more interesting when expanded to meet a diverse culture, and associates meet nutrition in entirely new ways!

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Great nutrition, strong fitness, community, and yoga make a great recipe for a less-stress life.  

Employees in ProMotion Fitness managed programs report feeling supported, valued, more energy than their counterparts in unsupported programs.  

Classes and retreats.  On-site and off.  


Wellness Pioneers

MidWestern transplants from the GE Plastics Corporate Fitness Center in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Wendy and Brian Cooper are passionate about Well-Being. Having been raised as swimmers, both enjoy endurance sports supported by strong nutrition, strength and flexibility.  With the GE Corporate center as their foundational model, Wendy and Brian have since expanded their visions and offerings to include modern necessities such as keeping millennials on board, posture, and yoga therapy for stress and disease.  

Wendy holds a M.S. degree in Exercise Science, and Brian a B.A, from Indiana University Kelly School of Business.  

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